Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy late Mother's Day to all women out there.

It was a nice day, Ryan was suppose to work the night before and sleep on Mother's day. But he got canceled. No on call or anything just canceled. It made my night. So as usual Ryan got me some of the flowers for the yard. (We haven't started on the front yet, since we have to rip out a tree.) And from the kids they are getting me a zoo pass to take them. I am so excited. I didn't have one for a whole year and can't wait to go back.

Mother's day morning I didn't get to sleep in. We have 9am church. Also just before 7am Brooklynn came in and said Happy Mother's Day and gave me a drawing. (Ryan was still asleep, I couldn't believe she remembered it was Mother's day) It was very sweet, I thanked her and told her I love her and she could go play in her room. I needed a little more beauty sleep. After church we got to see both Ryan's and my mom Sunday night and had a nice time with them and our families.

P.S. I am so lucky to have such amazing kids that I am very blessed with and very thankful for them both. They are so special and I love them so much. Thanks Berkie and Cam. I love you! Thanks Ryan for being an amazing husband and dad.

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the nayz said...

These pics turned out so cute. I am glad we had some flowers blooming.