Saturday, May 8, 2010

3 Years later

3 years ago we were so lucky to finally have Brooklynn sealed to us. It was such a special day. She looked like such an angel.

Every year we celebrate and go downtown to the temple grounds and spend time as a family. We are so blessed to have Cameron who became a part of our family 18 months ago and is also sealed to us.

We also made it a tradition to go eat at the Lion House every year. Brooklynn has the best memory and kept talking about a lion stamp that they gave her. So she asked the lady and she knew exactly what Brooklynn was talking about.

What a little cheeser. He is so funny and a joy.

Both kids after we enjoyed our yummy meal. I am so lucky to be a mom to two amazing little ones.

Brooklynn loves going to the temple and she was so excited to visit and see it again.

Brooklynn kept telling me she had to get a picture on the stairs by the door, so she and her daddy did just that.

It got a little chilly so Cam was all bundled up.

We had a special gift for the kids to remind them how much we love them and how special they are to us.

Cameron got a Tigger statue, cause he is always bouncing and we love his fun personality. Cam- never change who you are, we will always love you. Brooklynn got a princess statue, because she is our princess and we want her to know that anything is possible. Berkie- You are evidence of what comes from Faith and Obedience. You are our sweet princess.


Lace said...

I LOVED this post. you are an amazing mom and I am so happy you have the family you always wanted and deserved! By the way Lion House is the BEST!

Greg and Heather said...

Looks like a fun day!

Meghann said...

This is such a great tradition. You're teaching your children the truths that will bring them great happiness in life. You're family is so Cute!