Wednesday, April 21, 2010


We had a great Easter. We were able to spend the most of the morning home together watching Conference. Although I enjoy going to church in new Easter clothes, it was nice just being home as a family. Especially when Brooklynn loves conference and she acctually listens and even knows some of the Apostle's names.

At the Conference break we went to my mom's house for our Annual Adult and Kids Easter Egg hunt. As usual I got the least amount of eggs. (I am not very competitive with that kind of stuff) It has always been between Ryan, Josh and Terra. Jake and Johana do well but have never won. But Johana is getting up there now. She gets a little wild with everyone else. Ryan won first place and Johana came in second by only two eggs. Jake was really sick and he stayed in his room so Camille didn't come either. My grandpa took over for Jake and Brooklynn looked for Camille's eggs. Grandpa got half of what I got. Which is pretty good for a 90 year old. Brooklynn on the other hand only got Camille 4. We had fun and it is always fun to see what we get. I got mostly money and candy, but I did score a couple movies and movie tickets. Ryan got a couple gift cards and a movie and money too.

Afterwards we ate lunch and got to watch Conference again. Then we headed over to the Oldroyd's for a nice dinner and had the kids do their Easter Egg hunt. What a great Easter.

Here are the kids Easter baskets. Brooklynn found hers in the first place she looked and then she started looking for Cameron's in the second place she looked. Awesome searcher.

My mom got a little too creative making Easter Eggs this year. It was funny once you saw the cracked egg and read all the sayings.

Berkie running around looking for eggs at the Dennis egg hunt.

Cam didn't do so well. Every time he got an egg he took it out of his basket and threw it back. What a silly boy.

Berkie giving her cousin Caleb a little help with some eggs.

All four Dennis grandkids together. It was hard to get a picture. Cameron and Zack just don't sit still for long.

We then did our annual Peep wars. The pink one is mine and the other is Johana's. You put it in the microwave and see which one stabs the other. Johana's was already leaning the opposite direction.

Which helped mine win. Wahoo! Overall Josh's won the grand prize.

Oldroyd kids not so patiently waiting for our Easter egg hunt.

Brooklynn searching for some eggs in the doll house.

Connor found the gold egg.(or at least half a gold egg) It was the only egg with money in it and he got $4.

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Greg and Heather said...

I want to come to your Easter egg hunts! Gift cards and movie tickets...that would be awesome!