Monday, April 26, 2010

Cam's 18 month Stats

Height: 33.1 inches (75%)
Height: 24.15 lbs (35%)
Head: 19 inches (70%)

My little baby is now 18 months and getting so big. He now goes to nursery at church and could care less if we leave. He loves it. Although when we pick him up he is happy to see us. Not because he wants to be with us, but that we will take him home and put him in bed.

One of Cameron's favorite things to do is bug Brooklynn. He is a big tease and always being silly. He also loves doing whatever Brooklynn does. When we say bedtime prayers we always do it in his room (since he goes to bed first). So we go in his room read a couple stories and then say a prayer. For bedtime prayers Brooklynn always lays on the floor and folds her arms over her eyes, Cam copies her. A few times I have caught him playing and he will just lay down and get in his laying down prayer position and start saying a prayer to himself. (In his own little babbling language.) It is so cute.

Cameron always has to have a little bowl of dry cereal before bedtime. If I forget, he reminds me. Cam really loves to eat anything and everything all day long.

He is a big helper and loves to help me clean. He will use the broom, vacuum and even go get out a bunch of wipes and start washing the walls. (just like his sis.)

Cameron doesn't really have a favorite toy. Not that he has too many favorites, because he doesn't really like toys. He prefers remote controls, any type of real phone, video game controllers, computer keyboard or mouse. Really anything that he is not suppose to play with.

My boy is very sweet and always giving hugs and kisses. If he has to say sorry he is ready to give a big hug and kiss. If Brooklynn hurts him and I tell her to tell him sorry, he stops crying and goes to her and gives her a hug and kiss first. What a loving boy I have.

Cam has so many other cute fun characteristics (way too many to name). I love him so much and am so thankful that he is part of our family. I love his personality and craziness he brings to our home. He sure is a busy boy and keeps me after him all day long, but wouldn't change it for the world.

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Greg and Heather said...

What a cutie! They grow up too fast.