Friday, March 5, 2010



For Valentines Day Ryan had to work, but we celebrated with the kids on Saturday. Which is fine, he either works Valentines or Halloween. (I want him home to see the kids for Halloween. ) For dinner we had a heart shape pizza and some sparkling cider for Ryan and I and a little dessert.

The kids each got a valentine book, a little toy and some candy.

Cam is really liking Cars and plays with them a lot. He got a couple for birthday and Christmas and my mom got him two new ones also. Still not even close to catching up with his cousin Caleb.

Brooklynn always see's these cute puppies in my pocket and wants them. So I got them for her. She was so happy. Of course they have been lost and found and lost and found and lost again. We had a fun night showing each other how much we love each other and spending time as a family.


My sis-in-law Danielle and I took our kids to the Children's Museum for the first time. (since I was a kid) They LOVED it!

Tyler and Chase had a blast in the construction area. I bet they would have stayed there all day.

Brooklynn had fun too, She was building stuff with all the boys.

The water area was so cool and they would have jumped in if they could have.

Brooklynn and Tyler were making up plays and loved dressing in the different costumes.

Isn't Cam cute?

Little News Anchors.


A couple weeks ago (on National Pancake day) We went to IHOP and got free pancakes. with two of my sisters-in-law and kids. Afterwards we went to the Aquarium with Nanci and Gracie.

The kids loved looking at the different fish. Brooklynn is getting better at remembering what the fish's names are.

Cam absolutely loves the fish and just stares at them.

The girls were a little scared of the Sting Ray's.

Cam and Nanci got to touch one. They kept coming up the side several times. It was awesome.

What a fun day we had at the Aquarium. We went home that day and watched Finding Nemo. Brooklynn thought it was awesome that she saw a lot of the fish in the movie at the Aquarium.


Jamie said...

That's cool you remember Dr. Seuss' b-day! :)
Sounds like youre keeping busy and having tons of fun!

Greg and Heather said...

looks like you guys have been busy! how fun!

LindsayK said...

I love the children's museum! Looks like you guys had fun!