Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Green Day!!!

About a week ago we celebrated my nephew's 3rd birthday. We also combined it with our annual Green Dinner. We have done that since I can remember and it is a blast. When Ryan and I had been dating only one month he came to our green dinner and about turned green, but 10 years later he is use to it.

Jake, Camille, Terra, Ry, myself and kids gave Caleb a fish puzzle and some bath toys along with a pass for him and his mom to go to the Aquarium for a whole year. Although he didn't understand what we gave him, I think he will love it once he goes.

Caleb LOVES Toy Story and got a lot of fun Toy Story toys & cake. He looked awesome in his Buzz outfit.

We have always done a green dinner at our house and I try to do other special things, but Brooklynn didn't really understand until this year. I saw an idea on to make a leprechaun trap. (I had never done that growing up) We thought it was a fun idea and got to work. We made it out of a shoe box and cut a slit in it so when he came to get the money and cookie we left he would fall right in. Brooklynn couldn't wait.

The next morning we woke up to this. That little leprechaun made quite a mess with the cookie. Although we didn't catch him he left some gold coins and some magic potion to make a drink. It was awesome it was white and turned green. He leaves the same stuff every year.

Brooklynn was pleased with what we got. It was a really fun thing that we did.

We also had a green lunch, which ended in green faces.

Cam had fun with the green lunch as well and was green all over.


The Bliss Family said...

Looks like a fun green day! Simon had to make a leprechaun trap for school this year. He thought it was pretty fun too.

Allyson said...

Fun! Looks like you are having a great time at your house.

meg said...

Dani you are such a cute Mom!! Your kids are going to have such fun memories. Thanks for sharing all your fun stuff for us to enjoy. Your kids are so cute!!!

Greg and Heather said...

very creative. i think i'm just too lazy!