Saturday, September 5, 2009

Preschool and more...

This week Brooklynn started Preschool. Some neighbors and I are doing a co-op preschool so there are 4 kids,so I only have to teach once a month just Tuesday and Thursday. I think it will be great for Brooklynn to get to go out to preschool, but I can still be a part of it too. So far she had a blast. She wanted to walk by herself (with out me). Her and Ashlyn, her friend, walked over together and us mom's toted along behind them. It was nice that it was just across the street. This week she learned about the letter A, number 1 and color red. Brooklynn showed me everything she got and all about the activities she did. When I got in the door from dropping her off, I walked over to Ryan and I said "I can't believe my little ..... Waaaaaaaa!" I started crying, it wasn't a bad cry. Just a Time flies way too fast cry. I feel better now, it is just crazy. My little girl really is so big. Especially today when we were buying her new shoes and she said. "Oh mom, these shoes are style." It was so cute.

Last Sunday we were out at Ryan's parents and the sunset was amazing. It was florescent pink. I had my camera and tried to get a picture, but this doesn't do it justice. I just couldn't get it right, on top of that I was on a ladder. Yikes I hate ladders. But this is the best I could get. It was so incredible.

I just had to show off my delicious donuts that I made. I have had a lot of fun making treats lately and today just made a ton of donut holes for Monday. YUM YUM! They were good.

Whenever the kids take a bath they have so much fun. Well last night Brooklynn got out her goggles and I knew I had to get an embarrassing picture for later on.

Cameron loves to splash and stand up and fall back down. (It scares me so bad) But he is a boy and I am learning that he just does this kind of stuff. But I got this cute picture of him splashing away in the tub.

They are so silly. Brooklynn loves singing Ariel in the tub and Cameron tries to copy her and just yells. They are so fun. I know I am bias but I have the cutest kids ever.


Meghann said...

They are soooo cute! Time does go by too quickly :(

Lisa D said...

Those donuts look delicious- you did an awesome job!!

Jen said...

cute! Malia loves to sing Ariel in the tub too! You do such a great job with all your cute activities...donut holes and all your muffin tin mondays, etc. You need to come give me some pointers on how you find time do all this stuff!!

Jeff and Nanci said...

That's so fun! I can't believe Brooklynn is in preschool. And how fun that you are teaching her preschool. Probably way less expensive too huh! Way cool. Congrats Brooky! Have fun at school. What cute bath pictures. I'm with you, Save it for when she is 16 and not minding and I bet she will start minding pretty fast when you tell her you will show all her boyfriends. LOL

Liz said...

I totally sympathise with you, my sister is the way. I on the other hand am really looking forward to tomorrow when Sarah starts. :-)

Jenny said...

Very cute pictures!! I love when I catch those kind of moments. Hope to see you on Saturday!!

Jen said...

Oh those donuts look SOOO good! great job!!