Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Children's Museum

The Day after Christmas we went with Dennis cousins to the Children's Museum to hang out. The kids loved it so much!

 The little house was so much fun for McKenna.

 Cameron's wrist band got sucked up in the tube and stuck. The workers came and got it out for him.

 Playing dressup is so much fun. For boys and Girls!

 Brooklynn loved dressing up. Cameron had a lot of fun in the Firetruck.
 McKenna wanted to eat. Too bad it wasn't real food.

 Brooklynn loves all animals.
Too bad it just stood there.
 Cam LOVES Daddy's helicopter.
 McKenna had the most fun playing in the baby area. Especially since she only crawls she didn't get stepped on.

 Just workin' away at the construction site.
Brooklynn and Caleb put on a play for us.

All the kids sitting in Daddy's helicopter. Cameron would not come down for a picture. He wanted to be the pilot.

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