Monday, May 14, 2012

Christmas at the Hotel (Dennis Family)

With my family we decided to do something different this year. We went a week before Christmas and stayed at a hotel. It was fun and different and the kids loved it. We went swimming.

Poor Cameron does not like to be in the water or go swimming, but he tries to be brave.

McKenna didn't get in the hot tub or pool with us, but had fun watching.

Luckily the hot tub wasn't that hot and the kids stayed in for a minute.

The Nativity was fun, but Cameron and Caleb had a lot of fun sword fighting.

Brooklynn was Mary, Zack was Joseph, Caleb and Cameron were shepards and McKenna was an Angel.

Ryan read a story to all the kids.

Then everyone watched a Christmas video.

Loved this one with Cameron and Caleb being so cute.

Time for Gifts!

Thanks Terra for your nice gifts for the kids.

Terra had our name this year and she gave us a gift card to Zupas, some candy and a night out while she babysits.

Brooklynn liked her polly car and gift from Josh, Johana, Caleb, Zack, Luke and baby in Johana's tummy.

It was a really fun Christmas celebration and made it much easier and less stressful for Christmas Even and morning. We decided we will do something like this every year not always a hotel, but do something fun as a family. Thanks Mom!

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