Monday, June 6, 2011

What it's all about

Photobucket I still haven't gotten a full nights sleep in a very long time. When I was first pregnant, last February, I got up at least 3 times a night. Now my sweet McKenna just loves me so much she has to see me at least once a night too. It has been a bit hard lately.

Tonight Cameron and McKenna were in bed by 8pm and about 30 minutes later it was time to read to Brooklynn and then her bedtime. About 9pm she came out and told me she was scared. I told her not to be scared and that I would come and check on her later.

Every night I have checked on my kids since the day they were born. Sometimes even twice a night. They are always sound asleep. Sometimes in crazy positions, sometimes they are wrapped tight in their blankets or like tonight their jammies are in a wad in the corner of the room, because it is too hot. But they are always asleep and fine.

The instant I walked in her room her eyes opened wide and she smiled at me and said "I love you." She closed her eyes again and instantly went back to sleep. I kissed her sweaty little forehead and turned off her lamp.
Now this is what it is all about.



Greg and Heather said...

you're a great mom!

Alisha said...

I think Heavenly Father gives us those moments to get us through the hard stuff. Good job for taking a moment to recognize it! (Very SWEET story) :)