Thursday, January 20, 2011

Brooklynn's Stats...

Brooklynn had a doctor apt too, but she was sick with Strep so they just weighed and measured her height, but didn't get the percentages.

Height- 42 inches
Weight- 36 pounds
I have a tall skinny girl. It is crazy, Cam was sick too and he weighs 32 pounds. I can't believe it.

Her doctor wouldn't do her shots since she was sick and Brooklynn was so excited she didn't have to get a shot.
Now that she is better she keeps asking me "when do I have to get my shots? How many days?" Well I remember when I was 5 I got to pick out a My Little Pony after my shots and I remember every detail about it. I told Brooklynn I have a prize for her and if she is brave she gets something special. Brooklynn always makes sure that it is okay to cry when she gets her shot. So the definition of brave at our house is that you can cry, but you still have to let the nurse give the shot with out hitting or screaming. If you are Cam you just give the nurse a dirty look and say "OUCH!"

Brooklynn is doing so good at preschool and even learning a lot of new words. This week she made thank you cards for her birthday and I wrote everyone's name on them and she colored them. She was able to sound out almost every single one and knew who's they were. I am so proud of her. Well I sure have a special girl who is just so big, sweet, funny and my bestest little friend. Love you Berkie.

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