Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Jackson Hole and Yellowstone

We went to Jackson Hole last Sunday through Thursday. Ryan had some time off and we don't ever go anywhere. (Except St. George) So we decided to try something new. We went to Jackson Hole and stayed in some condo's. It was so nice to have two bedrooms and a living room and kitchen. We stayed at the condo for a lot of meals. The condo was right in the middle of all the shops, it was so fun. It isn't really a place where you can do a lot with two young kids and a pregnant lady. Although we still had a lot of fun. Brooklynn loved all the shops and constantly asked to go look at them. One day after bugging us she ended up going 3 different times. The only thing Brooklynn didn't understand is why so many people kill the animals and hang them up. We did go to see the Bar J Wranglers. That was our favorite part of the whole trip. They were funny and great to watch. The kids loved it as well. The only thing is it started kinda late for us early eaters and the kids got really tired. They fell asleep during a really loud crazy song. We all had a blast. We also went to different museums, Brooklynn was really into it all and loved learning about new animals (not ones you see at the zoo).

Tuesday we went to Yellowstone. I went a few years ago with my mom and Brooklynn when we went to pick my sister up from her mission. (We were lucky then and saw a ton of stuff) Unfortunately it was really rainy and we didn't see too many animals. Brooklynn kept track of all the animals we saw. A swan, a few elk (no antlers though), lots of different birds, hundreds of Bison. Ryan really didn't get the full Yellowstone experience, but we still had a lot of fun. Cameron learned a new word while we were driving through Yellowstone... "OUT!" He did not like sitting in the car. We also went to Yellowstone's Grand Canyon and saw an awesome waterfall. Brooklynn was deathly afraid of standing on the mountain looking over. (I kinda was freaked too, mostly because I am always so dizzy, it just feels like I am falling.) Cameron wanted to jump right over the fence and play. He is such a boy. The hike about killed me but we made it back up and continued our drive. We got to Old Faithful and missed it as we were walking up. DANG! We were trying to decide between waiting another 90 minutes to see it or just finish the hour and a half drive back. The kids were done and starving and so we decided to just leave so we could make it back to the condo by about 7:30. We are lucky for the short time we were there. Just before we got there (only minutes earlier) lightning struck Old Faithful and 1 person was taken to the hospital and 8 others were affected. I am very thankful that we had a few things that slowed us down that day so we weren't there. Too bad Ryan didn't get to see it though. I told him someday he can go back and see it. We had a really fun trip and I had a lot of fun being with Ryan and the kids. It has been nice having Ryan home with us and am sad that he starts work again tomorrow.

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Greg and Heather said...

Looks like you had a great time. We've been wanting to take the boys there for a while now.