Tuesday, August 19, 2008

No more work...

Well Friday was my last day of work at Stampin' Up! I started working there a few months after Brooklynn was born. As a new mom it was very hard on me and I only worked for about 4 months. I did enjoy it and of course loved the discount. After that, I stayed home with Brooklynn for about 2 years. We tried for a baby for a while but that didn't work so it was time to put our papers in and adopt again. Not to mention being winter I was going stir crazy too, & needed some adult interaction. We saved enough money to put down for adoption, but for some reason we kept putting it off. (Now we know why, we just know the Lord has a time for everything.) Anyways... So I had only worked there for a couple months until I found out that I was pregnant. I really enjoyed it and kept going back and forth wether to continue working or just stay home. Well I worked there for 9 months, I know I still have a few months to go. I really wanted some time with Brooklynn and time to prepare for the big change in our lives. I had a great time and met a lot of great people. I wasn't the only one who is leaving Stampin' Up!, within a week of me leaving there were 4 others who gave their notice as well. Also three of us are pregnant, one person just got married and another is about to get married. So we decided to go out and celebrate. We went to Applebees in the District.
Malina and Rachelle. Malina also quit and is getting married this week, and she is hilarious. Rachelle just got married, she is so funny and sweet. (I have known her sister Tammy for 8 years when I worked at Kiddie Kandids)

Lana and Tara. Lana is so very sweet, I loved working with her. Tara is awesome and funny. She is also expecting.(She is also Tammy's sister and it was a couple months into working there that I heard her talking and it just clicked and I asked her if she was related to Tammy.)

Aimee and her husband V. Aimee is so nice, I just started getting to know her better recently. She is also pregnant.

There is me and Whitney. Whitney is so sweet and fun to talk with. She also quit this week.

Jeremy and Kelly Whitney. There is Jer and his wife Kelly. Jeremy is my good friend, and he was my supervisor. I have known him since High school and Ryan has known him forever.

What a fun night to get together to celebrate all our new adventures that are in store for us. I am really going to miss it but I will have my hands full and am so excited to stay home with Berkie and our little peanut.


Nat said...

so sad. I didn't know you were leaving. I hope everything goes well for you! Keep in touch.

Jamie said...

It's nice when you are actually sad about leaving work:)

Enjoy your time that you have with Berkie, it's crazy how busy you get with two. BUT it's lots of fun!!!

Lindsay said...

Good for you, I am happy for you that you are able to leave work. It has been hard for me to have to go back to work after 2 1/2 years home with my beautiful kids. It is hard to leave at first but so worht it. Enjoy your time with Berkie until you have your new one.

Lindsay said...

Oh yeah e-mail me, I have a question for you,

Kelli and Jeremy Whitney said...

Jer is really sad you are leaving. I am too, but I still get to see you at our Bunko nights! Have fun at home with Berkie and let me know if I can help you out with anything! Applebee's was so much thanks for letting me go with your girls.

Tiff said...

Good for you!!